15. October 2019
UW Yoga Month is in full swing with this year's focus on inspiration and its connection to life, art, and nature. But what about yoga's connection to food? Registered Dietitian Melissa Montalto shares her professional insight in this following Yoga Month edition of the RD blog.
20. September 2019
Fall is coming and many of us are already busy with activities and commitments with little time to throw a meal together. When life gets busy, I am a big fan of sheet pan meals.
01. August 2019
No matter what activities you do outdoors, it is important to always carry some healthy snacks. It is a shame to cut outing trips short just because there is a shortage of fuel and nutrients for your body. One of the most popular snacks is trail mix because of the advantages it offers.
01. July 2019
While lighter fare and healthier eats come hand-in-hand with summer’s bounty, there is one area where can probably all improve in: hydration. Taking advantage of the lovely weather and activities, we are often just too busy to remember to fit in the number one nutrient needed by the body—water!
01. May 2019
Seeds might seem small, but they pack powerful nutritional punch as an integral part of a plant-based diet.
12. March 2019
A few years ago, my patients kept telling me about how much they loved their Instant Pots. I thought it must just be another cooking fad. But I kept hearing rave reviews from folks young, old, foodies, novices, moms, and singles that told me it changed their lives. So last year I bought one to see what all the fuss was, and I did fall in love. It combines a slow cooker, electric pressure cooker, rice cooker and yogurt maker all into one affordable appliance.
01. January 2019
A snack by definition is a small amount of food eaten between meals. When most people talk about snack foods, they are often referring to packaged foods such as chips, cookies, crackers, or popcorn that you would find in the “snack foods” aisle at most grocery stores. Planned snacks can actually be a great opportunity to fill in the gaps of your diet with wholesome foods. Aiming for snacks between small meals has manybenefits: Decreased cravings – when going more than 5 hours without...
01. December 2018
Have you ever wondered why strawberries in July tasted so good, or why apples in the fall tasted so much better than in other seasons? Winter is no different and there’s plenty of in-season produce to try at its freshest. Here are a few of my favorites:
01. November 2018
November 14 is the World Diabetes Day! The World Health Organization (WHO) established World Diabetes Day in 1991 as an annual event for raising awareness in response to increasing numbers of diabetes cases around the world. November 14 was selected because it was the birth date of Frederick Banting who led to the discovery of insulin. As a diabetes educator, dietitian, and a person living with diabetes, I embrace this opportunity to raise awareness and to also provide you with some basic...
01. October 2018
As the days grow shorter and the air becomes more crisp, fall starts to settle in and that means it’s time to get cozy with a cup of tea. Sounds great in theory, but this coffee-drinking science-minded dietitian would like to know more of the facts before dipping her toes into the world of tea drinking. To start, what makes green tea green and herbal tea herbal? These are the questions that keep me up at night. Black, oolong, green and white teas are all made from the same plant, Camellia...

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