17. April 2018
it may be hard to tell sometimes, spring is here in the Pacific Northwest! Look around and you’ll see buds on the trees, tulips starting to bloom, and hear the sounds of birds in the morning air. Along with the change of seasons into spring comes many options for local, in-season produce. And, here in the Seattle area, opportunities abound for purchasing such goods (or growing your own!).
28. March 2018
Building the Perfect Power Bowl
07. February 2018
This month we want to provide information on how to nourish yourself to keep your heart healthy AND happy.
23. January 2018
Ah, January—the month when many of us make resolutions, plans, and promises to make healthier food choices, work out more often, or otherwise implement lifestyle changes that could lead to better health. But three weeks into January, the challenge now is as much sticking to a plan as it is making one.

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Plaza Cafe - Atrium Espresso

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Surgery Pavilion

Hours of Service: 7:00 am - 2:00 pm

Monday-Friday (Closed on Holidays)

Phone: (206) 598-0896