09. June 2020
Today, we’re going to be talking about an important physiological necessity – FOOD. More specifically, we’re going to provide some grocery guidance that will help you simplify and take the stress out of meal planning and preparation. We’ve tried to tailor this guidance specifically to your situation and this unprecedented time. Sound like your jam? Read on!
01. February 2020
With the sun hiding behind wintry clouds, the coldest season of the year is an ideal time to add some sunshine and warmth to your diet by eating more citrus fruits! avonoids, and fib
08. January 2020
As a dietitian, there are three primary questions I consider when assessing the latest fad food or supplement. Being mindful these strategies will help you cut through the hype and figure out what’s right for your unique diet and nutritional needs.
19. December 2019
As authors of some of our site’s most-read and shared articles, this group regularly delivers expert insight onto all things related to food and how we feed body and mind. That’s why, to close out 2019, we asked them to share their favorite seasonal recipes!
06. November 2019
In the midst of the chilly weather, The Whole U has you covered with easy, on-campus access to flu shots throughout fall. Despite flu shots being the most effective way to combat the flu, Registered dietitian Julia Marnadi shares some professional insight about fighting the flu with nutrition in this month’s edition of the RD blog. The remaining flu shot dates is listed below with their respective campus location. For more information on on-campus flu shots, read about it here.
15. October 2019
UW Yoga Month is in full swing with this year's focus on inspiration and its connection to life, art, and nature. But what about yoga's connection to food? Registered Dietitian Melissa Montalto shares her professional insight in this following Yoga Month edition of the RD blog.
20. September 2019
Fall is coming and many of us are already busy with activities and commitments with little time to throw a meal together. When life gets busy, I am a big fan of sheet pan meals.
01. August 2019
No matter what activities you do outdoors, it is important to always carry some healthy snacks. It is a shame to cut outing trips short just because there is a shortage of fuel and nutrients for your body. One of the most popular snacks is trail mix because of the advantages it offers.
01. July 2019
While lighter fare and healthier eats come hand-in-hand with summer’s bounty, there is one area where can probably all improve in: hydration. Taking advantage of the lovely weather and activities, we are often just too busy to remember to fit in the number one nutrient needed by the body—water!
01. May 2019
Seeds might seem small, but they pack powerful nutritional punch as an integral part of a plant-based diet.

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